Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Blog

Kari doesn't know this yet, but we have a blog now.  I decided that piggybacking off the Kent Family blog needed to end and we needed to start our own blog so we can tell everyone how wonderful our child is.  I know, the child won't be popping out for another good 6 months.  I just figured it was time to start.  Now I can post whatever I want without Kari screening and modifying.  I hope she is ready for that.


Katie said...

We're proud of Bmorier-rett for getting the blog going! Can't wait to see more Rosen adventures!

Katie said...

I mean just B-rett...I think the word verification got in my way! I'm a moron.

brittani c. said...

Hey, Brett! Just happened to peek over...congrats on the new blog! It sounds like you guys are expecting a baby around the same time as us. Our due date is March 22nd. Make sure you pamper your sweet wife and treat her to something nice once in awhile!
-Brittani (Wood)