Monday, June 15, 2009

Even at 6am, this cute face accompanied by his squeals of delight is my definition of pure joy. Eat your heart out...

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Chase had a weekend of "firsts". He learned how to put his "grasping" skills to work so he could play with his rattle. He seemed to enjoy it until he tried to eat the end of it and realized it was too big to put in his mouth; this of course made him mad.:)

He also spent some quality time at the infamous Chuck E. Cheese, and was amazingly unfazed by the loud and kind of scary characters that were constantly singing happy birthday to children all around us.

Then today he was blessed at church, and it went great. We had plenty of friends and family there to support us, and he was happy and awake all morning with a house full of people afterward. Thanks to everyone who was there to share in this special day!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

cute pictures

I find myself taking pictures of this kid constantly, and who can blame me...he's so cute! Check out the new chubby cheeks; we went to the doctor on Thursday and found out he's up to 9 lbs 14 oz. I was shocked, but clearly it's all in the face.:)

Blank stare:

Funny face:

Enjoying my new swing:

I sleep sprawled out like a man:

Totally zonked:

Trying on daddy's glasses:

Daddy says I look "preppy" in this outfit, but I think I look very handsome: