Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sweet success!

I am very pleased to announce that Chase finally mastered the art of bottle-feeding! And to think, all it took was 4 weeks of trying capped off by a weekend of starvation.:) We decided that we had to cut him off completely from nursing until he figured out that bottles hold milk too, so I geared myself up for a horrible day. It turned out a million times better than I expected though; he only went for 12 hours, and was remarkably happy the entire time. Thank you to everyone who offered their support, advice, and prayers...I know it helped. The bottle still isn't his favorite, and it has to be very warm or he'll refuse it, but I'm especially happy that he seems to be able to handle switching back and forth between nursing and bottle-feeding everyday.

I had also hoped to get some video of him rolling over, but he seems to have abandoned that trick for now. Instead he spends hours everyday just "talking" and trying to sit up. He's discovered how to make buzzing noises with his lips, which are so cute, but inevitably leads to even more slobber (this kid goes through bibs on an hourly basis)! Chase also thinks that everything he sees is there for him to eat, so he gets this wide-eyed, open-mouthed look on his face whenever anything in his line of vision looks especially tasty. The other thing that continually amazes me is just how much he loves Brett. Not that it should be surprising, he's a lovable guy, but Chase is 100% fascinated by his daddy. He can't take his eyes off of him, and always has a big smile for him. I love to watch them play together, and am so grateful that they're already building such a close relationship.

On Sunday we took Chase on his first excursion up the canyon. It was a beautiful day, and he seemed to love being outdoors. We tried to get him interested in the ducks and the squirrels, but his favorite part was cooing at all the trees as we walked along the trail. He also got quite a bit of attention from everyone that we passed, because he was smiling at them. I'm sure this will only be the first of many trips to the mountains for our little guy.


Julie said...

hooray! I knew you could do it! I can't believe he's rolling over already too, strong little guy!

Brooke said...

Oh am I so glad he likes the bottle now! I bet that is a huge relief. He is getting so big!!!

Sarah said...

Congratulations on the bottle. It looks like he is growing and changing all the time. What a sweet boy.