Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chase had his 4 month doctor visit a few weeks ago, where he got another round of shots.  This time was even less fun than last time, and it took him a few days to recover from the unpleasantness.  He weighed in at 13 pounds 11 ounces (19th percentile) and was 25.75 inches long (75th percentile), so he's still tall and skinny.  In the past couple of weeks he has developed a real laugh, which we love to hear.  Unfortunately, he's decided to start refusing the bottle again though, so happy days have been few and far between.  Now that he's a little older than the last time we went through this, we're trying to see if he'll accept a sippy cup instead.  But so far we're still stuck with Brett bringing him to see me every day at lunch and having a fussy, hungry baby and a tired daddy in between.

On a happier note, Chase attended his first soccer game earlier in the month.  It was the US National Team vs. El Salvador, and boy was it loud in that stadium!  If I had been smart, I would have brought baby earplugs for Chase, because everytime the crowd got noisy, he got scared.  I'll know better next time!  Here's a picture of Chase holding the tickets before the game started:

He also loves to play in his exersaucer:

And today, he had his first experience with solid foods. Well, not so much solid, as a tiny bit of rice cereal drowned in lots of milk, but it was eaten with a spoon! He was a good sport for a few spoonfuls, but I think it's gonna take a while to master this skill. He sure looked cute, all ready to eat though!

I can't believe my baby is almost 5 months old!


Brooke said...

I can't believe he is 5 months old! So cute! And congrats on your sister's 2nd!!! That is exciting!

Katie said...

totally didn't know he started refusing the bottle again...bummer! he is pretty adorable though...good luck with solids!

Julie said...

k- I swear you were just pregnant....where does the time go?

Wendy said...

He needs that rice cereal, skinny little cutie!