Tuesday, October 13, 2009

recent pictures

sitting up all by himself, in his cute Adidas outfit
getting ready to eat like a big boy, in his high chair
looking a little chubby, on his 5 month birthday

all dressed up on Sunday
green beans are his favorite!
Ute fans
riding in the stroller, big kid style


Brooke said...

Look at those eye lashes...LOVE THEM!!!

Kari! I can't believe you agreed to let him where that red uniform?!? I am so confused. Do I need to send you a BYU Blue jersey?!? :-)

Katie said...

He is getting so big! Have I told you we are coming to Utah in November for Rob's dad's wedding? We'll make some plans...

Julie said...

I love the Ute Fans picture. Matt's got one of those with each of his boys and their some of our favorites. Chase is so darling!

Beth said...

He is getting so much bigger! I'm glad he has a little chub on him. Mason and Chase will be such good buddies...as long as Mason doesn't squish him (he is over twenty pounds now)!