Thursday, November 19, 2009

bouncy baby

So I think I may have jinxed myself with the last post, where I said what a good job Chase had been doing of sleeping. He has an excuse though...he got his first tooth! So far it's just the one, and you can't even see it when he smiles, but it sure is a sharp little thing. Teething isn't the only new event for him so far this month; he also got his pictures taken last week, and we think they turned out pretty cute. This week he's been quite a wiggle worm as well. He loves to get himself from sitting into crawling position, but usually ends up flopping on his belly and rolling to his back...over, and over, and over. He can also pull himself up to standing, but just like the crawling, he hasn't figured out what to do next to move. His best form of movement right now is sitting up and bouncing on his bum, and he can move all the way across the room doing that! It's pretty cute to watch, especially because it's always accompanied by lots of "talking". My little boy is growing up before my eyes, and it's so fun to watch.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

6 months and Halloween

Chase turned 6 months old on Thursday, and of course we celebrated with a visit to the pediatrician. He did so much better with his immunizations this time, and boy were we happy about that. He's up to 15 pounds and is doing great. The past few weeks he has been doing a terrific job of sleeping in his crib, and he's a real pro at sitting up. We got him some new toys to play with in the sitting position, but all he wants to do is eat them. He also loves to stand up holding on to the outside of his exersaucer and will play that way for quite a while. Another new favorite is the johnny jumper which is a great way to keep him entertained while mommy and daddy get ready. Apparently he's not planning on going back to taking a bottle, but he is doing pretty well with his baby food, and has graduated to eating cereal puffs and little pieces of soft fruit. For Halloween, he made an appearance as Tigger at my work potluck and the Rosen family party. If you ask me, he was the cutest little Tigger there ever was, and he actually seemed to enjoy wearing the costume. Chase really is such a joy to be around, with his big smile and his cute noises and his enthusiasm for everything around him. He is so aware, and always wants to be interacting with people. I'm a very lucky mom; you can't help but be happy when you're around such a happy little boy.