Wednesday, December 30, 2009

baby's first blizzard

Chase's first Christmas was an adventure, to say the least. We flew to Missouri for a week to see my family, and unfortunately Chase came down with a nasty cold on the day of our flight. He gave the other passengers on the plane quite an earful for the whole last hour! The poor little guy was sick for our whole vacation, but he was a trooper, and despite a few long nights he gave us lots of smiles and good times. He left grandma and grandpa Kent with lots of fun memories, and a few germs to boot. My family hadn't seen Chase in 6 months, so he had obviously changed a lot. It was especially fun to see my niece Aubrey, and watch her and Chase play together. Aubrey will be getting a baby brother of her own in a few months, so it was good practice for sharing her toys and being "soft". We had lots of quality time with the family, and the girls got to go to the Nutcracker...a Kent tradition. On Christmas Eve, Missouri was struck by a blizzard which left us with about a foot of snow for Christmas Day. We also go to talk to my brothers David and Owen on Christmas, who are serving church missions in California and Mexico right now. Chase didn't really understand how to open his presents, but he sure enjoyed ripping the bows off of everyone's, and pushing all the boxes around. We got together with Brett's family the day after Christmas, and Chase enjoyed crawling all over to play with his cousins. I can't believe he's only been crawling for a couple of weeks, because he's a pro at it. He's amazed us this week by learning to open and shut doors (by pulling on the sides while sitting down), and even crawling up one stair (that one both scared and shocked me). He got a little toy that he can either sit on or push around, and we've been having lots of fun with that. I get a kick out of pulling him around the living room on it, and he loves to pull up to standing and push it along while he walks behind it. I love watching him play with all his new toys, because you can really see his brain working, and his intent little expression is so cute. He turned 8 months old yesterday, and if these last few months are any indication, this kid is really going to keep us hopping.

with Aunt Kristen and cousin Aubrey on Christmas Eve
Grandpa Kent & Uncle Jason
Grandma Kent
playing with his new toy
8 months old
Christmas morning
all dressed up
our first Christmas as a family
anything can be a toy!
bundled up to see the lights on Temple Square


Kristen said...

It was so fun to see you guys. That picture of your "first family picture" is soooo cute! Who took that? ( wink wink) What a sweet little boy you have. We miss you guys already!

Julie said...

you've got some of the cutest pictures ever on this post! He's got the sweetest smile!