Sunday, December 20, 2009

Expedition - 50 Mile Relay

I was going to wait to post this until I have more pictures, but I am not sure when Trent will email them to me. At the beginning of December I went down to St. George with the Trent Baggaley and some of his family. Someone got the idea to run in a 50 mile relay that starts in St. George, runs up Snow Canyon, heads out to Arizona and then ends up back in the city. I was lucky enough to run up the canyon. It was a beautiful run, I just wish that I would of had more than two weeks to prepare for it. The race was fun and we did well considering that I was the only real runner on the team. The race made me excited for all of the marathons that I am planning on running this year.


Katie said...

Way to go B-rett...what marathons are you running??

Kristen said...

Good job Brett! Sounds like you guys had fun, but that is definitely one long relay! You had a hurt ankle too didn't you? You're a trooper : )