Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is it really March already?

I know I sound like a broken record, but I can't believe another month has passed me by! I have to regress a little and post a picture of the cute cookie Brett brought me for Valentine's Day.

Chase is now 10 months old, and I think this is definitely the best age so far. He is happy almost all the time, eats non-stop, and has been sleeping pretty well too. Last month he had a bad stomach virus for about a week (man, who knew diaper rash could be so horrible?!), but other than that we have made it through the winter pretty darn healthy, which is really something to be grateful for. He loves to crawl around the house being chased by daddy, and laughs hysterically when he gets caught. He's such a ticklish little guy, it doesn't take much to get that precious giggle going strong. His babbling consists basically of da-da or variations thereof, but he does throw in a few words that definitely sound like "what?", "ball", and "oh". Brett has taught him to give "high fives", his favorite game is peekaboo, and for some reason he likes to blow raspberries on things like soccer balls and kitchen chairs. He is good at putting his toys in their basket, but also likes to throw things to the ground (like from the shopping cart or his high chair), say "uh-oh", and then look at me so I'll pick it up. He can open boxes and unscrew lids...I found this out when I discovered he had opened a bottle of bubbles he found in a cabinet and poured it all over the kitchen floor while I was making dinner on the other side of the island! He tries to take everything apart; especially Brett's Blackberry. He has a little play table that he loves to stand at, and he even seems to dance and sing along when it plays the alphabet song in Spanish. You'd think it is a stationary toy, but Chase pushes it all over the living room just like he does the chairs in the kitchen! When things don't go just his way he'll squint his eyes and throw a fit, toddler-style. Seeing more of that in the coming years is not something I look forward to! He definitely understands what I mean when I say "no" though, like when he tries to stand up in the bathtub or pull things out of cupboards that he knows he shouldn't be getting into.

Just as predicted, walking is now his preferred mode of transportation. Sometimes he'll hold out his tiny hand so that we can walk around the house together, but he's also gotten pretty good at standing up from wherever he is and just taking off. He gets so happy and excited when he's walking around that he'll start flapping his arms, which often leads to a loss of balance and a quick greeting with the floor, but it's so cute. Chase attended his first basketball game at the University of Utah and he was all decked out in his Ute gear. His main interest though was walking up and down the aisle holding on to the chairs, and trying to touch the hair of all the fans sitting in front of us (that was a bit embarassing, but they were nice about it).

Speaking of hair, his is getting super long in the back and over his ears, so I'm going to have to attempt a haircut soon or he'll have a baby mullet. Wish me luck getting him to sit still for that! He is really good at eating real food, so now he gets his own kids quesadilla at Cafe Rio. I'm amazed at how much money I spend on snacks for him each week since he's growing like a weed these days, but I guess I should just be grateful that we haven't had to pay for formula all this time. He's doing pretty well with drinking milk from his sippy cup, although he still needs a little help understanding that you have to tip it up for something to come out. We've gone back to the 6pm bedtime for the most part, but he rarely cries when I put him down, which is awesome. He still gets up once or twice a night to eat, but it doesn't really bother me, so I haven't really made an effort to change that just yet. Naps are another story, but we've learned to just be grateful if he sleeps for more than 20 minutes during the day. We're stocking up on 12 month clothes and looking for a new car seat, because his birthday is right around the corner. I hope you enjoy this clip of him in action!


Katie said...

I love the hands up in the air walking! And I can't believe he's almost one!

Kristen said...

What a fun update! We miss him so much. Can't wait to see you guys again in May : )

Lizzy said...

Oh my gosh, that is the cutest video ever! He is such a good walker! I felt like I was right there with him. I actually almost leaned over to stop him from going toward the stairs too - ha :)