Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Chase!

It's official. The baby days are over and we have entered toddlerhood. Chase turned 1 year old on Thursday, so of course I spent Wednesday night pouring over all of his baby pictures. It's crazy to think back on those newborn days and see how much he's grown in just one short year. As much as I miss my cuddly baby, I am loving every day with this fun little boy. He constantly amazes us with all he can do. I'm always surprised to discover just how much he understands and how quickly he learns. Although his constant babbling still sounds mostly like jibberish, he is already bilingual. You can say things like "go get your shoes", or "where is your blanket?" in either English or Spanish, and he'll respond appropriately. The kid loooooves food, and eats nonstop. He must burn the calories as quickly as he consumes them (no surprise there, since he never stops moving) because despite being in the 75th percentile for height, he's only in the 10th percentile for weight! That's right...1 year old and only 19 pounds, 10 ounces. For his birthday he got tooth #6, 4 shots, 30 degree weather with a snowstorm, and a talking vacuum. He is obsessed with the vacuum lately, and cries when we put it away, so we figured he needed his own. He really loves to help clean the house in general, which is definitely something he's picked up from watching Brett and not me (as my family, former roommates, and especially my husband will surely attest to!). He also wants to be outside playing at all times, which typically involves getting covered in dirt...he's such a boy. He got his pictures taken last week, and he was happy to smile for the camera, but didn't want to stand still. They got some balls out for him to hold, but he just wanted to run around the studio kicking them, because that's what he does with daddy at home! They still managed to get some really cute shots, though. We had a little birthday party for him today and he absolutely loved having everyone in his house and being the center of attention. He had so much fun dancing around and showing off, and playing with his cousins. Anytime music is playing or someone is singing, he starts bouncing up and down and flapping his arms, which of course is how a 1 year old dances.:) He also enjoyed playing with his balloons, and most of all, tearing apart his chocolate cake. I knew he would love the cake, and he's pretty good at making a mess, so I expected it to be entertaining and he definitely did not disappoint. By the end there was blue icing from head to toe and we'd all had a good laugh. There may be a bit of picture/video overload in this post, but it's a once in a lifetime experience, and I'm a proud momma, so you'll have to forgive me.

Just a quick note about our life other than Chase:
Brett ran the SLC marathon in April. He was ill, injured, and didn't get to train, but still finished with a good time and we were there proudly cheering him on at the finish line. I know I said this part wasn't about Chase, but he made friends with this very large dog while we were waiting for Brett to get his massage after the race. I mean, this thing was bigger than he is, and he just went up to it with no fear and petted it, and tried to follow it when it left. I was shocked since Brett and I both hate dogs, but good for him for not being scared. I guess maybe I should take him to the zoo or something this summer since he's apparently an animal lover.:) Ok, the only other news is that we sold our house! Or at least, we're under contract, and are set to close in 2 weeks. We only had it on the market for 3 weeks, showed it 4 times, and got a great offer right away. They wanted to close quickly, which is exciting, but also makes us homeless very soon. We started the hunt for a new house this week and are hoping we can find something fast so that we don't have to be a burden on Brett's parents (who are graciously taking us in) for very long. Wish us luck!


Katie said...

He is so precious. I love him going after his cake...Easton thought that was hilarious, we watched it multiple times. And he sure is a little soccer player thanks to B-rett I'm sure.

Julie said...

I can't believe he's a year alerady! Happy Birthday to little Chase!

Lizzy said...

I haven't been able to watch the videos yet since I'm just checking this on my phone... but holy cow, is Chase adorable! I can not wait to meet him.

You should Bryce with our dogs. He absolutely adores them... even though they completely tower over him.

We need to get some more professional photos taken of B. Yours look so good.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Chase! It looks like he loved everything about his birthday! I hope that you guys are not moving too far away. I am excited to see you next weekend at Jenni's shower.

Jonathon and Gwynevere said...

Wow...Chase is way better at dribbling a soccer ball than I ever was! I love watching him run around...get's me excited to meet our little boy!