Tuesday, June 15, 2010

San Diego!

We went to California last weekend for my friend Kristina's wedding. I was so excited to take Chase to the beach. The weather disappointed me, but he did not. Despite the cold and wind he ran straight for the ocean, and didn't let those waves stop him. He got knocked down and soaked while fully dressed, but seemed to love it! Everyone on the beach was as entertained as we were. The first time I was ill prepared so he had to ride home in only a diaper and jacket, but the next time I was smarter and brought along a towel and change of clothes. Unfortunately Chase got sick the day before we went, and then Brett caught his cold while we were there, but they were both troopers. And don't worry, we didn't miss any important World Cup games just because we were on vacation! Kristina's wedding and reception were beautiful, and I had so much fun seeing some of my old friends from when I used to live there. I even got to experience my 2nd earthquake...during the reception...on the roof of a tall building downtown! That was memorable. My good friend Lizzy and her family flew in from Texas too, so I finally got to meet her son Bryce. He's about 6 months younger than Chase, but they're basically the same size.:) We came home to meet two new cousins, too. Zach is 8 weeks old but because he lives in Phoenix this was our first time seeing him in person, and then Lucy was born just a few days earlier. They are both so cute and tiny, and it was awesome to get a picture of all 9 Rosen cousins together at last. Chase loved both babies of course, and was not happy with me for keeping him from touching them and sharing his cold germs. He did have fun running around with all the bigger kids though. He's such a social little guy!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

there's no place like home

May was a busy month. I had a wonderful Mother's Day, complete with breakfast in bed. It was the first time Brett has ever cooked for me, and it was so good I think he should do it more often.;) We moved out of our home, which was a little bittersweet for me. After all, it was the only home Chase has ever known. We've been staying with Brett's parents until we can move into our new home at the beginning of July, and Chase has adjusted very well. He recently acquired tooth #7, discovered a love for chicken nuggets, fruit snacks, and little smokies, and enjoys playing on the swings at the park and eating dirt. I thought people would stop commenting on how well he walks, now that he is 13 months old, but instead now everyone just comments on how well he runs! We took a trip to Missouri over Memorial Day weekend, and Chase did soooo well on the plane rides. He waved at everyone on the plane and in the airport, and played peekaboo with the people sitting behind us. It was a HUGE improvement from our last air travel adventure...thank goodness. Missouri was great. My brother David had just returned from serving an LDS mission in San Jose, California, so we hadn't seen him in 2 years and Chase had never met him. They hit it off instantly.:) We were also there to visit my sister Kristen's 8 week old son, Asher, who is a very sweet baby. Chase enjoyed being the center of attention and showing off for the whole Kent family, but especially playing with his cousin Aubrey. He is really into giving "loves" lately, and no one could resist his hugs, especially Grandma. He also loves babies, so we had to keep an eye on those "loves" when it came to helpless little Asher! We also got to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday with a big family bbq. All in all it was a fun trip, and I really enjoyed getting to see my family, and especially them getting to see Chase. We are so glad that summer is finally here and look forward to some fun events and trips in the next few months.

Kent family bbq/Dad's 60th birthday party
being "soft" with baby Asher
fruit snacks with Uncle David
he likes to keep hydrated

giving his best "stink" face to Uncle Jason
checking out the ducks with Dad

Kristen, David, and Asher (a.k.a. chub)
big kids table

Chase loving cousin Aubrey