Sunday, August 8, 2010

pictures, as promised

Monday, August 2, 2010


Okay, I know it’s been a month since I updated this thing, but I have a good excuse. We moved into our new house in July and have been without internet ever since. It’s been very busy around here!

The move was a lot of work, so thanks to everyone who helped. Brett has been going non-stop, painting and doing yard work and lots of heavy lifting. His mom was a huge help too, spending lots of hours cleaning up the previous owners’ dirt! We have very nice neighbors, and Chase loves his new backyard. Unfortunately we’ve already had to do some major repairs in our first few weeks, but thankfully most of it was covered by our home warranty. Let me tell ya though, you don’t expect to have to replace a water heater, fix illegal plumbing, rip out water damaged carpet and drywall, repair a broken garage door spring, and buy new washer and dryer parts all within 3 days! There’s still some work cut out for us, but we are otherwise settled in pretty well, and even have some new furniture to show for it.

Two days after we moved in, we had a visit from my sister and her family. Chase had fun playing with his cousins, Steve helped Brett with some house projects, and I enjoyed making sure Kristen got to eat at all her favorite Utah restaurants. It was so nice to have a finished basement for them to stay in, too!

There was lots of celebrating last month, between the 4th of July and Pioneer Day. We had fun family bbqs, but of course Chase slept through all the fireworks again this year. He did enjoy going down the big blow up slides at the Pioneer Day celebration though. Too bad it was 100 degrees outside, or we might have lasted at little longer!

This last weekend was full of good times. My college roommates were in town for a little reunion, which we try to do every year, so we got the families together at Silver Lake (up in the mountains) one evening, and the kids had fun playing and getting dirty. Then we had our traditional girls night out at Cheesecake Factory, and spent hours laughing and reminiscing afterward. It was so good to see everyone…I really miss my friends now that we’re spread out all over the world! Then there was our nephew Britten’s baptism, and our niece Lucy’s blessing, so we had plenty of family time as well.

Chase had his 15 month check up…he’s getting so big! He loves to follow Brett around like a shadow, and is always trying to “help”. He runs everywhere, babbles constantly, and has such a cute smile. He likes to make friends with anyone and everyone, give hi-fives, and shake hands. He still doesn’t say much that’s discernible, other than “ow”, "mama", and "dada", but he often sounds like he’s imitating whatever we say. We’ve been working on learning to point out body parts, so he can show you his eyes, nose, mouth, tummy, and toes…and you can ask in either English or Spanish. He’s up to 21.7 pounds (10th percentile), and is in the 75th percentile for height. He things everything is fun, from closing the blinds to turning on the ceiling fan or lights, and will clap happily if we let him do it. He figured out how to use the water dispenser on the fridge (and make a royal mess doing it), so we've had to use the "lock" setting on that, which he finds very frustrating. We’ve moved up to the 18 months shirts to accommodate his little pot belly, and size 4 shoes, but we’re still stuck in 12 month pants! He really is a joy to be around every day, and still gives the sweetest "loves" ever, especially to babies (even if it's just a picture of one!). The big thing we're working on curbing right now is his desire to pinch, so if you have any suggestions, let me know. We tell him to be "soft" whenever he does it, but then he just thinks it's a game!

It's a good thing he’s getting lots of practice being "soft" around baby cousins lately, because we’re having baby #2 this winter! I’m due February 6th, but kind of expect to go in late January since I was early with Chase. It was a very sick and miserable 1st trimester, so I’m really hoping to get feeling better soon. Although I stayed sick with Chase all through the 2nd trimester too, so I’m not holding my breath. I’ve had 3 ultrasounds already, and at the last one the doctor said how active this baby is. Not a good sign for us, since we know all too well what that means, after having a kid like Chase! I was hoping for an easy, calm baby this time around…after all, we’ve earned it…but I guess Chase would probably like someone who can keep up with him too. We’re excited for him to have a little playmate soon, although I know the transition to two children is going to be a challenge. We should find out the gender sometime after Labor Day, and I’m very excited about that. So stay tuned!

P.S. I promise I have cute pictures to post, but I’ll have to do that later, when our laptop is actually hooked up to the internet at some point.