Sunday, September 19, 2010

20 weeks down...

the half-way mark belly
what do you get with an unsupervised toddler and a tub of vaseline? a big mess! of course it had to be right before we were supposed to leave for church...he was so proud, too.
enjoying his new swing from Grandma Kent
all-time favorite toy
smelling the roses
me and a very pregnant Gwyn

helping with the carpet
he thought David's hair was really soft:)
Sunday stroll at Silver Lake

checking things out with Grandpa Kent

first Utah football game!

cheering on the Utes
making a mess in the kitchen, as usual

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's (another) boy!

We had the long awaited ultrasound on Tuesday, and it's official...Chase will soon have a little brother. If you ask him if he's excited to have a baby brother, he just nods his head yes and says "brudder". And when I told him there was a baby in my tummy, he pulled my shirt up to check. I guess the concept is a little much for a 16 month old.;) We're excited, because they're sure to be best buds. Although with how much Chase talks lately I don't think this little guy will be able to get a word in edgewise!

Besides saying new words every day (he probably says at least 20 now), he really does jabber along happily non-stop during all his waking hours (and even during nap time). His favorites are flop-flop (for flip-flops), sh-shoes (these are apparently VERY exciting, even on strangers), cuck (duck), ball, Melmo (Elmo), Cook-eeee (Cookie Monster), mom, dad, Nenni (Aunt Jenni), bay-beeee (baby), glasses, hat, lawnmower, goggie (doggie), hi, bye, and versions of grandpa and grandma. There are many more, but I can't think of them right now. He also loves to tell you what the duck says (qua, qua, qua) or what the dinosaur says (raaaaah), and is constantly saying "huh?" or shaking his head and saying uh-uh-uhhhh when he knows he's doing something that he shouldn't be. He says hi and bye everytime anyone or anything (like the water in the bathtub) comes or goes, and it's in the sweetest softest little voice. He's learning to respond to more phrases in Spanish too, like "where is your milk cup?", etc. He's very loving, and recently likes to give kisses a lot. He went to his first college football game (Univ. of Utah) and was a trooper, staying up waaaay past his bedtime. He's growing like a weed and is running and climbing all over the place. It's a full-time job trying to keep him out of danger! I am amazed at how fast he runs, and constantly discovering new places he can climb (and destroy). We had a brief adventure with converting his crib to a toddler bed, but switched it back for the time being. He knew it was his bed, and was excited to climb in and out of it freely, but we had houseguests so there was just too much excitement to handle all of that at once.

My brother David and my Dad were visiting for Labor Day weekend, while David was on his way back to college in Idaho. It was wonderful to have them here, and Chase thoroughly enjoyed entertaining two more people for a few days. They got to experience the craziness that is our life, living with such an active little boy, and he was very sweet to them, warming up to them immediately and showering them with lots of love. They were kind enough to lay new carpet for us in most of our house, and it looks fantastic. Between that and all the painting Brett's done, the place has really been transformed. We still have a little more painting and some tile work to do, but then we'll be able to focus on getting Chase new bedroom furniture so we can set up the nursery. The nice thing is that the baby's room has already been painted blue, and I guess we won't need too much in the way of clothes and gear. It's picking a name that's going to be the hard part! We really struggle with boys names.

This baby already seems so different from Chase. I rarely feel soft little movements, whereas Chase had been strongly kicking me for at least a week at this point. Even on the ultrasound, he was very calm, compared to Chase who flipped around so much they could hardly get all the pictures they needed. It was so sweet to see the baby sucking on his fingers, then chewing on the umbilical cord, hiccuping, and kicking. He's definitely a doubting that. Anyway, we are very excited to be adding to our family, and I will be even more excited when I don't have to be pregnant anymore. In some ways I've been even sicker than last time, which isn't pleasant, but at least we're almost to the halfway mark. I have some pictures to post soon, the next time our camera and computer align with the internet again!