Sunday, September 19, 2010

20 weeks down...

the half-way mark belly
what do you get with an unsupervised toddler and a tub of vaseline? a big mess! of course it had to be right before we were supposed to leave for church...he was so proud, too.
enjoying his new swing from Grandma Kent
all-time favorite toy
smelling the roses
me and a very pregnant Gwyn

helping with the carpet
he thought David's hair was really soft:)
Sunday stroll at Silver Lake

checking things out with Grandpa Kent

first Utah football game!

cheering on the Utes
making a mess in the kitchen, as usual


Lisa said...

Kari you look great!!It was fun to see all your pictures. I really liked the one of Brett and Chase at the football game. You can tell it was a proud father moment for Brett. It looks like he is training him up young.

Jonathon and Gwynevere said...

So why do you get to stay small and cute when you're pregnant...while I triple in size? lol

The Hunzikers said...

Kari, you are such a cute and TINY prego lady!! So excited for you! I always have so much reading your blog and seeing what your cute family is up to!! Can't wait to see the new addition!