Thursday, December 30, 2010


December has been a wonderful month for the Rosen family. There's been A LOT of snow for Chase to play in. He helped Grandma Diane celebrate her birthday with a trip to the mall for his first ride on the carousel and the train.  We stayed in Utah for Christmas this year, but were lucky to have two of my brothers visit us the week before.  Chase had a blast meeting Uncle Owen and showing off his Spanish language skills.  He participated in his first Nativity scene at a family party, where he was a very cute shepherd or wiseman...I'm not quite sure which, but it was adorable.  He very much enjoyed the Christmas program at church, during which he pretended to direct the choir, and even sang along.  Christmas morning was so much fun because Chase got so excited about his presents.  He especially loved his new basketball hoop, and it took a while to distract him from that long enough to open anything else!  My most interesting present actually came in my stocking.  Brett stuffed it with 6 of my favorite little items, each one marked with a letter.  One of the items was a cd, which was also a clue.  As he played the music from the cd I tried to make sense of the scrambled letters.  If I hadn't been confused and had realized that it was James Taylor singing and not John Denver like I thought, I may have figured it out a little quicker.  In the end, it was his very creative way of telling me that our baby's name was going to be Taylor!  It was one of the 4 names we'd been considering, and just like he did with Chase, he came up with a cute way of announcing it.  It was so fun and it's great to have a name to call the baby now, especially since we've got less than a month left until he arrives.  I also love to hear Chase try to pronounce it, although he can't quite get the middle 'l' yet.  We are looking forward to a busy January getting everything ready for Taylor to join our family.  I know we didn't get Christmas cards out again this year, but there are plenty of pictures below to keep you up to date.  We hope you all had a Merry Christmas, with time to spend with family and remember Christ's birth, and that you will have a Happy New Year too.

matching snowman jammies with cousin Lucy

trying to ride in his new truck
his buddy "bob-bob"
Elmo slippers!
taking a break with Great Aunt Boosie


Lizzy said...

Bryce loves him some Sponge Bob too! He watches it in the mornings sometimes when we're getting ready for work.

Chase is so adorable wih his new basketball hoop. Much higher than the one I saw in one of your previous posts! I bet he was SO excited when he saw that.

Julie said...

Great Pictures! Sorry we weren't able to get together while we were up. We had the unexpected funeral of Matt's aunt which toko up our free days. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!