Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

This is Chase with his Mickey Mouse Valentine's present.
He loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so this 
was perfect!
And here he is after his haircut.  
I accidentally put on the "L" guard instead of the #7, 
so he ended up with an unplanned buzz cut!
The back got the worst of it, before we figured it out.
I think he's cute enough to pull it off though, and hopefully
it will have grown out in time for his 2 year old pictures in a 
couple of months!
And this is the beautiful picture Brett gave me for my birthday/
Valentine's Day present.  I love it!  I've wanted one of these
for a long time.  And we have plenty of wall 
space to hang it in our living room, too.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The First Week

 Chase decided to share all his blankies with Taylor

 big brother, little brother
Well, we've been home for a week now and it's been pretty good.  Taylor has had some trouble with reflux, etc. which has in turn led to some trouble with sleep, but it's been getting better and hopefully that trend will continue.  Thankfully his mild jaundice didn't require any treatment, so that was a big plus too.  Chase runs to the nursery first thing every morning, and really does love his little brother.  He's very interested in everything related to baby Taylor.  We've had to make sure to keep the nursery door closed at all times, because Taylor has been sleeping in the cradle swing, and Chase has already managed to sneak in there once and pick him up...scary!  So aside from the perpetual fatigue that comes from having a newborn in the home (and a toddler that won't nap), we've adjusted pretty well.  My mom was staying with us last week and took care of all things Chase related, and we've been blessed to have people bringing in meals too.  I'm definitely feeling better faster after this delivery, which is nice.  The doctor said Taylor should pretty much stay home until April, so we haven't really been doing much besides hanging out.  I'm trying really hard to just enjoy my time at home and not worry too much about the days ticking away before I have to go back to work.  My biggest fear was being home alone with the two boys and getting overwhelmed by them both needing attention at once, but Brett has been around to help a lot, and during the times I've been on my own, things have gone smoothly.  Anyway, here are a few new pictures to satisfy those of you that have been requesting updated ones!