Sunday, April 10, 2011

Taylor's blessing, etc.

This morning we blessed Taylor at church.  It was a wonderful day, and we were happy to share it with family and friends.  He was a total angel all day, and looked so precious dressed all in white.  Chase was a little ornery during the picture taking though, as you'll see.

 With Grandpa and Grandma Rosen
 Chase was eating celery...
 I have such a handsome husband!  Lucky my boys take after him.
 Four generations of Rosen men
10 weeks old

And a few more recent happenings...

 Chase with his buddy Axel, who is only 3 months older believe it or not.
 My good friend Gwyn and her baby came to visit last week.
 Big Brother/Little Brother photo shoot...not very successful:)

 He got some good use out of this sweater from Aunt Kristen, since it's been snowing and in the 30s!
Chase in his train conductor early birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa Kent

The first two weeks back to work have been busy and a bit overwhelming at times, but I'm glad (and I know Brett is too!) that at least I'm only part-time right now.  Hopefully Taylor will start sleeping more soon, because we are definitely lacking in the rest department around here.  Our springtime has just been an extension of winter so far, with the exception of one beautiful day when we got to walk to the park, so we are all looking forward to some warm, sunny weather.  This is going to be a busy month with Brett and Chase celebrating birthdays, so there will be more to post about soon.  We're also lucky to have my brothers David and Owen stopping by on their way to and from school in Idaho, so Chase especially is loving that of course.  He's definitely been needing a little extra attention lately, with his baby brother taking so much of mommy and daddy's time, so a visit from his uncles is just perfect.  


Kristen said...

What sweet pictures! I'm glad everything turned out so well. That blessing outfit has sure gotten a lot of good use hasn't it? It's going to be "Kent" baby tradition! : )

Katie said...

Taylor just looks so sweet in all those pics. Is Gwyn's baby big or is he just big next to Taylor?

Lizzy said...

Just catching up on blogs... Man I just wanna cuddle this little guy!!! Taylor just has such sweet eyes. What a cutie!