Friday, June 3, 2011

4 months old

Taylor turned 4 months old on Monday.  We celebrated by trying rice cereal for the first time.  He doesn't swallow a whole lot, but he did pretty good.  Today at the doctor he weighed in at 12 pounds 11 ounces (9th percentile) and 24 1/4 inches (22nd percentile).  Yeah, he's a little guy.:)  He's strong though...he always wants to be standing up on your lap, checking things out.  If he's on the ground, he's pushing up on his arms or rolling over.  He likes to hold a rattle and try to eat it, and especially likes to gnaw on fingers (his own or anyone elses) so he's a drool monster from that.  Sometimes at night, when he should be in bed, he likes to stay up and have little cooing conversations with mommy and daddy for up to 2 hours.  He's still not a good sleeper, but I've resigned myself to thinking it will probably be just like Chase and we won't get any good rest until he's a year old.  He sure is cute though!

Classic Chase

The other day I was making brownies, and then had to take Taylor upstairs for a nap.  Apparently I left the carton of eggs out on the counter, because I came down to find Chase "cooking" eggs.  He had cracked two of them into a pan and was stirring, and had deposited the shells in the sink just like we do.  There wasn't even any mess!  I let him play like that for a while, until he tried to eat a spoonful of raw egg.:)

He is quite the little musician.  Sometimes he will say he's going to play us a song on the piano, and then proceeds to sit down and play and sing.  He absolutely loves to watch YouTube performances from Glee, and runs around the room singing along and dancing like crazy.  We finally caught some of his amazing talents on video, last Sunday morning.

He had his 2 year check up (a month late) today.  He is 35 1/2 inches tall (71st percentile) and 26 1/2 pounds (28th percentile).  The doctor said his verbal skills are more like a 3 or 4 year old, and kids like him that are ahead of the game developmentally tend to present more of a discipline challenge because they're master manipulators.  Boy don't we know it!  He was playing at the park the other day, and threw quite the tantrum when we had to leave before he wanted to.  It had been so much fun watching him interact with the other kids though.  Each time a new one arrived he would walk right up to them and say "hi buddy!".  He is definitely not shy, and thinks everyone - kid or adult - is his friend.  He is being so great with Taylor lately too.  He's gotten used to the crying and will try to help make the baby happy, and automatically sits quietly and reads books or whispers to me whenever he knows I'm trying to get Taylor down for a nap.  What a good big brother!