Friday, August 12, 2011

Taylor at 6 months old

Taylor turned 6 months old on July 30th, and it seems like he grew up overnight!  Just 2 days later he popped his two bottom teeth...both at once, and with no warning.  Sure, he'd been gnawing on everything in sight, but that had been going on for 3 months already and there was definitely no swelling of the gums or anything.  Chase was the same way though, early teether and no warning.  It changes their look so much when they lose the gummy smile!  He's also made great strides in crawling and sitting the past couple of weeks.  He started out with a kind of Cleopatra pose for sitting, with one leg sticking out and leaning on his arms for support, and an inchworm crawl.  Then he was scooting backwards, and now he can sit up straight and crawl a few steps at a time using his arms independently with flops in between.  (he's much improved even from the video below)  I'll sit him on the floor in his room, and come back a minute later, and he'll be across the room playing with whatever he found.  He always wants to play with whatever Chase happens to have, and he's very determined about getting there and stealing it!  Chase isn't so pleased about that, of course, but it's really funny to watch.  He's decided to be afraid of the vacuum now and also has some mommy separation anxiety.  He still puts everything straight in his mouth, so we're trying to teach Chase that he can't leave his bowl of fruit loops laying on the floor anymore.  Taylor is working on solid foods though, and his favorite so far is green beans.  He's very ticklish and squeals when he's excited.  We put the Johnny Jumper up and he loves to play in it, but it's a little more dangerous than we remember, since now there's a toddler around who thinks it would be fun to swing Taylor into the doorway while he's jumping!  Taylor weighed in at 14 lbs. 8 oz and is up to 25 inches.  He's still pretty small (3rd percentile to be exact), which is probably why it surprises people even more to see him crawling.  I think Chase has noticed he's growing up too, because he loves to talk to his baby brother.   He likes to update him on whatever is going on at the moment, and of course thinks he knows what toys Taylor wants to play with or where he wants to sit.  I can't believe how fast my boys are growing up!


Kristen said...

Love the videos! What sweet boys you have : ) Can't wait to see you guys soon!!

Steph said...

The cake was way too much work!!! Lol. My friend got the felt boards at micheals Your little boys r so cute. I love having boys is way fun!!!