Saturday, September 17, 2011

September so far

We went to the zoo on Labor Day.  It was probably the best zoo experience I've ever had!  Perfect weather, not crowded, and very active animals.  We got to see them feed a tiger, but unfortunately my camera was on the wrong setting so the pictures aren't all that clear.  There was also a funny ape playing peek-a-boo under a burlap sack!  Chase sang "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" to the little monkeys, which was pretty cute.  Taylor loved riding around in the stroller and was a very good baby.

We took a picture just like this at the zoo last June, but Taylor was still in my tummy!

Chase LOVED riding the train!
Taylor wants to be standing up ALL the time now.
Love my cute boys!:)

Thursday, September 1, 2011


August was a fun month.  Taylor is crawling all over the place, even up the stairs.  He loves to pull up to standing too.  You’d think all this extra movement during the day would lead to better sleep at night, but not so far!  Chase is learning to spell his name, and is occasionally trying to potty train himself.  He makes Taylor laugh all the time, which is adorable.  The other day they were playing hide and seek, with Chase running from room to room laughing while Taylor tried to crawl after him and then Chase yelling “you found me!”, leading to squeals and giggles from his little brother.  It was too cute, and kind of surprising to see them interacting so well at such young ages.  Chase went to a dinosaur museum and had fun digging for fossils.  He also spent a little quality time in his little pool in the backyard.  One Sunday afternoon we went for a little hike up to a waterfall, which was pretty cool.  Then there was the big trip to Missouri for Uncle David’s wedding.  I was so worried, but the boys actually did amazingly well on both plane rides and the 4 hour road trips to and from St. Louis.  Chase had a lot of fun playing with everyone, and sleeping in a hotel.  We loved seeing the family and having everyone enjoy “the Chase show” and sweet little Taylor.  We’re excited to have Brittney as a Kent now too!