Thursday, November 3, 2011

Taylor at 9 months

Taylor had his 9 month check-up yesterday.  He weighed in at 16 pounds, 6 ounces, which is in the 2nd percentile.  He was only in the 18th percentile for height, so he's still a little guy!  Must be why he can still fit into 3-6 month size clothes.:)  He's really started cruising around the furniture more lately, and likes to play games with us.  He'll crawl away really fast, try to go up the stairs, and then look back at us and laugh because he knows he's not supposed to do's so funny.  He wants to eat anything that he can pick up and shove in his mouth by himself.  Embarassing as it is, if I don't have him in his high chair while Chase is eating, he always tries to sit under the table by Chase's chair and pick up all the food Chase drops!  Today he discovered a love for raspberry pancakes.  He still wakes up 5-7 times a night, which is really hard, but he's so happy during the day.  I would be a little happier during the day if he'd sleep better at night, that's for sure!  He's a joy though, and we love him so much.