Thursday, December 8, 2011


It's been a while since I posted; guess we've been busy.  We had a nice Thanksgiving with the Rosens plus the Idaho Kents.  The boys always love it when they have aunts and uncles to play with!  Chase is in the "why?" phase right now, which is about the biggest test of patience I can think of.  We're also trying to get across the concept of lying because he likes to tell you he's not doing something, when you're watching him do it.  2 year olds are challenging!  But so sweet and cute, too.  I guess I'll let the pictures say the rest...

 Taylor watching Daddy rake the leaves
Getting their chance to play in the leaves.
 First taste of black beans...they were a hit!

 Chase decorating the Christmas tree.
Taylor's contribution...eating ornaments and pulling off ribbon.


Jonathon and Gwynevere said...

They are too cute! We need to get our boys together again soon. Chase and Axel can be twins with their "Boys Rule" shirts...gotta love Carters!