Monday, January 30, 2012

Taylor's 1st Birthday Party

I can't believe my baby is a year old!  He has such a sweet, loving personality and he loves to laugh.  His days are filled with hugs for mom and dad, playing games, crawling around after Chase, exploring, climbing, eating everything in sight, and learning to walk.  He can go about 5 steps now before he face plants.  He's fearless...I'm the one constantly afraid that he's going to smash his forehead into a table or something!  The other thing about Taylor is that he is LOUD.  He likes to get everyone's attention, which isn't hard to do, and then he gives you his flirty smile with a twinkle in his eye, and you can't help but smile back (and kiss his sweet cheeks, if you're me).  He'll talk and squeal like crazy, especially during church when it's quiet.

We had a little party for him this weekend.  He had a great time devouring his chocolate cake, as you'll see, and had lots of fun with the balloons too.  He got a little tired at the end, and rubbed his icing covered hands right in his eyes!  After a quick bath he was back to entertaining everyone.


Katie said...

oh i totally forgot when i called you yesterday that it was taylors bday too! happy birthday buddy! looks like he had a blast!