Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leprechauns and Lawnmowers

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  
Chase LOVES to match Taylor.  He was pretty upset with me a few mornings ago when he woke up and discovered that his jammies were not maching his little brother's (I'd forgotten which ones Taylor was in by the time it was Chase's bedtime, and guessed wrong!).  Whenever they're both wearing the same thing, he asks me to take a picture.  He always wants to be "twinners", and of course I think it's pretty cute too.

And I just can't resist another cute picture of Taylor...
He's still not really walking on his own, but he sure loves to push things around, like Chase's toy lawnmower.  Now if only this rain and snow would go away so we could have more nice weather to enjoy the backyard!

Okay, that might be video overload, but it's for out-of-state grandparent purposes.:)  Yes, I know Chase is wearing a Halloween shirt in March...we also read a Halloween book every night at bedtime (he insists, and finds it when we try to hide it), and he's worn holes in his Christmas jammies because he wears them so much.  The kid just loves holidays I guess.  He always makes sure we get our decorations changed as soon as one holiday is over, so we can prepare for the next one.  Don't you love how he helps Taylor push the lawnmower through the bumpy grass though?  Such a sweet big brother.  One more Chase story: he got the book The Giving Tree about a week ago, and already has a good 90% of it memorized.  I didn't believe him when he said he could "read" it to me, but I was sure wrong!  Hearing him read the words as the boy grows older, about wanting money and a house and a wife was kind of surreal in his cute little boy voice.  He took the phrase "and the tree was often alone" and applied it to his own life the other day.  He was playing in the backyard and begging me to come out too (I was making dinner) and when I finally did, he said "thank you mommy, I was often alone out here".  I laughed out loud.:)  Also, the other day he was watching Super Why and they asked all the kids what they want to be when they grow up.  Chase said, "a daddy".  Just melt my heart, why don't ya!

I love these little boys so much.  Yes, I'm perpetually exhausted.  And yes, we had a bedtime last week when I thought I might go completely crazy because everyone was screaming and crying and out of control for like 2 hours.  You know, the kind of night where you feel like screaming and crying yourself!  But we also had a night last week (the one prior to the screaming) where we sat as a family and read book after book, with Chase going between mommy and daddy's laps, while Taylor pulled all the books from the shelves and then sat on the pile, proud as can be.  I couldn't have been happier in that moment, and it made the next night bearable.:)