Saturday, May 5, 2012

my little helper

Taylor is 15 months and running all over the place.  He's still kind of stumbly though, and has hit his head way too many times this week, giving his forehead quite the array of goose eggs.  Poor guy, he's just trying to keep up with his big brother!  At his check-up on Monday he weighed in at a whopping 19 pounds.  Yep, that's the 1st percentile.  He out eats Chase on a daily basis, but clearly that's not keeping him from dropping off the charts!  He does great sleeping through the night, but can't really make up his mind about naptime lately.  Like I said, he loves to eat and isn't really picky either.  His biggest fault is probably how he holds his breath and passes out when he's upset about something.  Scary to watch! It could be from a bonk, or because mommy left the room, or even because the ice cream is all gone (MAJOR sweet tooth on this kid).  He is definitely a stubborn, determined child, and I guess at this age there are only so many ways to express that and maintain some level of control!  He's generally a really happy boy though, and loves to play peekaboo, color (especially with sidewalk chalk), pretend to cook, completely tear apart every drawer in the kitchen, run around outside, swing, climb everything in sight, dig in the dirt, and follow his brother around.  He also likes to be cuddled by mommy.:)  Yesterday he was helping us water the roses, which basically means he ended up in the middle of a huge mud puddle.  That landed him in the bath tub, which is definitely one of his favorite places, so he didn't mind being pulled out too much.  I've been off work most of the last two weeks because Brett had surgery and couldn't lift Taylor, so we've had a lot of quality time together going to the park, etc.  I've really enjoyed it, and wish that was my life everyday!  These boys are growing up so fast, and they're just so much fun.  They definitely drove me crazy multiple times each day, but nothing beats their sweet smiles and hugs from those little arms...nothing.

playing doctor

after enjoying his first spaghetti dinner

watering the roses

muddy and happy

Chase turns 3

Chase had his 3rd birthday last Sunday.  We celebrated with a small family party the week before (so that Brett would still be pre-surgery), and it was a great day.  Turns out moving the party up was perfect because the following Saturday was much colder weather and Taylor was sick.  Anyway, the theme of the party was Mater from Cars.  Chase has been asking for that for a long time.  I ordered the cake from the grocery store, and accidentally got it twice as big as I meant to, but we managed to finish most of it.  Chase found these funny Mater party hats at the party store, which everyone got a kick out of.  He got some really fun presents: a LeapPad, wheel barrow with shovels, scooter, Hi Ho Cherry O, golf clubs, and a doctor kit which he uses to give us all check-ups.  He was also excited to get some fun packages in the mail, including his very first check which he got to cash at the bank, and which led to the purchase of his first piggy bank (shaped like a basketball).

Chase is such a great big brother, always looking after Taylor, and playing great with him 99% of the time.  He loves to sing songs, make up games, read books, run around outside, and wake up before dawn no matter what time he goes to bed.  He's still a great eater, and loves all vegetables.  He's always picking out letters on signs and can read a few small words.  He definitely feels a lot of ownership over the letter C and the number 3, because he thinks those are his.  We signed him up for preschool in the Fall, and he is really excited about that.  He's always making phone calls to family members, because he has all of my speed dial numbers memorized.  At his check up on Monday he weighed in at 30 pounds, which is about 30th percentile and his height is about 65th percentile.  People keep commenting that he seems tall for his age, but I think it's more his verbal skills that make him seem older.  After all, the kid is still wearing 18-24 month size shorts!  He's so friendly, with adults and kids alike.  Since being potty trained a few months ago, he hasn't had any issues with that, which is such a relief.  His bedtime routine has become my favorite time of the day: we read books on his top bunk, he says his prayer, we talk about what we did that day, and then snuggle.  He's very specific about what I say as I close the door (can toddlers have OCD? haha) but it's still all very cute.  Chase has a ton of energy, and wears me out with his "why" questions, but he is certainly a very special little boy and I couldn't be happier to be his mother.