Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This post is really just to remember a few random things that I think are funny.
*Chase is obsessed with watching the movie Annie.  He wants to watch it pretty much every day, and loves to sing all the songs.  He corrects me on the lyrics to Hard Knock Life, asks why Ms. Hannigan isn't a nice mommy like me (awwww), and bursts out singing "you're never fully dressed, without a smile" when he's getting his clothes on for the day.
*Today he asked me to buy him a parrot that talks and a ship to sail the seas, because he's Chase-Pirate. He followed it up with "arg-a-maybes", which of course is pirate talk. haha
*Brett set up our tent in our basement over Memorial Day weekend.  The weather wasn't nice outside, and we weren't going on a trip anyway, so this was perfect.  The boys thought it was the coolest thing ever and had a blast just running around in it!
*One afternoon Taylor was being really whiny, so we put a pair of (clean) underwear on his head and called him Mr. Underwear-head, and he thought that was hilarious! Chase followed suit, and everyone was running around happy for quite a while.  Now it's become a regular occurrence.
*The boys love to play in the wading pool in the backyard.  No one actually wants to sit in the cold water, they just like to scoop it out with buckets and splash each other.  Today I filled it up and Chase proceeded to dump the whole bucket of sidewalk chalk in the water.  Then Taylor thought he should drink the pool water...he looked like a little puppy, and I couldn't get him to stop!  Such silly little boys. Never playing with things as intended, but having a great time just the same.
*Chase knows the names of all the parks we frequent, so that he can request exactly which one he wants to go to on any given day.  He also continues to make good use of my speed dial, calling multiple family members each evening.
And now, for the pictures!

 Taylor ran smack into the corner of the wall.  That goose egg appeared in a matter of seconds.  Ouch!
 Mr. Underwear-head

 He doesn't wear his swimsuit anymore...can't keep it up on his skinny bum!  A swim diaper will have to do for now:)
 Riding the trike at Lucy's party. He also loves to ride on Chase's scooter.  This kid thinks he's a lot older than he actually is, which makes him hard to watch over at playgrounds!
He came out of the house wearing his swim trunks AND his snow boots.  Huh?!