Monday, July 30, 2012

Taylor-18 months

Is my baby really 18 months old? How did that happen! First, the stats: 21 pounds 3 ounces (3rd percentile) and 32.5 inches (58th percentile).  So he IS growing, believe it or not.  He's still wearing 12 month pants (not surprising since Chase is still in 18 month pants!) but he has moved into the 18 month shirts at least.  This kid is a good eater.  He'll eat anything we put in front of him, and he drinks constantly.  He's always walking around with his sippy cup tucked under his arm like a football and when he runs out he either walks over to the water dispenser in the fridge and holds his cup up for help, or gets a new cup out of his drawer and brings it to us.  He is a very messy eater, one of the worst I've ever seen.  Somehow his dinner ends up covering him from head to toe plus a 3 foot radius on the floor, not to mention cracks and crevices on the chairs and table.  The kicker is, he absolutely has to feed himself.  Even if it's a big piece of cheesecake that should really have adult assistance...he won't take a bite unless it's off his own fork.  He does like to clean though, especially vacuum.  He'll turn anything into a vacuum and follow me around the house with it.  He also loves the water.  While Chase was screaming his head off during his swimming lesson, Taylor was diving in on his own.  This kid has no fear, and he's a good climber, so that's a scary combination.  It's like we have instant replay in our house.  Anything that Chase does, Taylor repeats verbatim on a one second delay.  Of course Chase knows this, and takes full advantage sometimes, instructing Taylor to do something he knows is against the rules.;)  It has it's up-side too though.  Taylor started nursery (the kids class at church) two weeks ago and had zero issues, because of course his big brother was there.  I knew I could count on Chase to take good care of him and give me a full report when I pick them up at the end.  Plus, it's a room full of toys and kids, and Taylor is nothing if not social, so what's not to love!  He's a very animated talker and loves to wave and smile, but I don't think any of his words are discernible to the untrained ear just yet.  I think he says Chase, Jesus, shoes, bye-bye, and maybe a few others but you definitely have to hear it in context to understand.  He loves to run around outside and dig in the dirt.  He also thinks it's funny when he bites or hits, which I know is a trademark stage for this age, unfortunately.  Right now he sleeps about 13 hours at night (7pm bedtime), almost never waking up, and usually a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  He still takes a bottle of milk before bed so I guess that's the one thing we'll have to break him of soon, but I don't think it will be hard.  He is so happy and just lays right down in the crib without a problem.  If he's not ready to sleep, he'll just talk for a while, with maybe a short little cry once in a while.  So amazing, considering how he never slept more than an hour stretch at a time until about 7 or 8 months ago!  He is such a good snuggler, and I love just sitting with him on my lap when he's in the mood to be still, although most of the time he's moving nonstop.  This little boy is such a joy, and although I still haven't forgotten how hard his infancy was, I feel so blessed to have him in our family.

My Sweet Chase

Chase and I really went the rounds last week.  He was in one of those awful phases where he'd melt down for me on the drive home each afternoon and the madness didn't stop until bedtime.  It's those moments where I'm the one acting more like a three year old than him, in response to his behavior, that I feel like a total failure of a mother and I have to spend some quality time praying for patience and wisdom and oh yeah, forgiveness.  Because like the poignant quote I saw today, they way we speak to our children becomes their inner voice.  And that's both beautiful and haunting.  But today, we were perfect.  He was so well behaved at the doctor's office, helped me make dinner, played kindly with his little brother, and then came the best part...during the bedtime snuggle.  As we were laying there he softly whispered, "I love you so much mommy", and my heart just smiled.  When it was time for me to leave he asked if he could sing me a song first.  Maybe it was just a clever stall tactic, but as that tender little voice sang "You Are My Sunshine" to me I couldn't have possibly been any happier in that moment.  And those are the moments I hope he'll remember, because they are certainly the ones I'll never forget.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

family pictures 2012

Brett's brother Jeff took pictures of the Rosen family at Wheeler Farm earlier this month.  They turned out great!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

family fun

We've had lots of family visiting over the last month or so.  First, Grandma and Grandpa Kent made the long drive out from Missouri.  We were sooooo excited to see them!  All four of us had come down sick before they arrived, which curbed some of our fun plans, but it was so nice to have their help and it was still great just spending time together.  The boys absolutely loved having Grandpa and Grandma to play with for a whole week.  We did manage to work in a few little outings during their stay.  We went to a park with a splash pad, which Chase had been begging for for weeks.  Poor kid had a fever though (double ear infections will do that to you), so the hot weather and cold water didn't feel too good.  Taylor had fun though!  We went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point, and they each had their first pony ride, which they loved.  They also had baby goats eating out of their hands, and got to take a wagon ride.  I got to have a root canal during their visit, but at least we had built-in babysitters for my 2 hour visit to the endodontist!  We also took our traditional drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon to walk around Silver Lake.  No moose this time, but lots of chipmunks, mosquitos, and a momma duck with seven cute little ducklings.  When it was time to start the drive back down the canyon Chase was crying and saying he needed to throw up, and Taylor ran his head smack into a picnic table and did his little pass-out-because-i'm-holding-my-breath-crying thing where he turns purple and curls up his hand and foot (yeah, it looks as scary as it sounds and it was my mom's first time seeing it).  Even though we had 3 adults to 2 kids, both boys wanted mom to carry them back to the was a fun moment for all.  Back to the positive though, we also enjoyed yummy food courtesy of Cafe Rio and Lonestar Tacqueria, and the boys were the happy recipients of a new mini picnic table for the patio, child size lawn chairs, and a little wood table and chairs set for the family room...all of which they make good use of every day.  I miss having my parents close, especially because I want them to be around the boys, but I'm so grateful they were able to take this trip out to see us and that Chase maintains a close relationship with them by talking on the phone several times a week.

Right after my parents left, the Arizona Rosens arrived!  First on the agenda was Cole's baptism, which was awesome.  I was playing the piano for the meeting, and Chase wanted to join me like he does at home.  He was pretty unhappy (and very loud about it) when he couldn't, so instead he planted himself at the front of the room singing church songs and saying prayers.  It was neat for him to get to see Brett baptize Cole, and learn that he can choose to be baptized when he turns 8 too.  We also got to celebrate the 4th of July together, and I was shocked when both our boys (who have very early self-imposed bedtimes) were awake and hyper for the fireworks this year.  They had a blast!  Suprisingly the noises and flashes didn't scare anyone.  They absolutely loved having all their cousins around to play with, and we miss them already.  We went to the zoo in the morning on the 4th, and got to see the new Rocky Shores exhibit with the polar bear and sea lion.  The sea lion was very active, and we had a front row seat for all her tricks.  And of course that trip had to include a ride on the little train, which is a favorite for Chase.  Later that week Brett's brother Jeff took family pictures for us at Wheeler Farm, which turned out great.  We also celebrated Brett's grandmother's 80th birthday with a bbq in Provo.  17 of her 20 great grandchildren were in attendance, and it was a pretty cool experience to hear everyone tell of their favorite memories so far with Grandma.  I felt really blessed to have married into such a wonderful family.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera out for most of this, but since everyone else did, I hope to snag some pictures of all the fun!