Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chase turns four

Chase had a great birthday weekend, with tons of celebrating. He was spotlighted at school on thursday, which Brett and I got to go watch. He had a party with a few of his friends on Saturday which started with presents, cake, and ice cream at our house, and then the fun moved to Jungle Jim's Playland where they had a blast on all the rides.  Grandma and Grandpa Kent sent him a new Woody (from Toy Story) t-shirt and matching cowboy boots to go with his cowboy hat, so that's what he wore for his birthday to match the theme of the party.  After the party we went to Red Robin, where the waitress treated him to a special birthday dessert.  On Sunday he had a birthday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Rosen's.  On his actual birthday (Monday) we took him to dinner at Brick Oven Pizza and then miniature golfing for the first time.  That was cut a little short because Taylor fell and needed stitches on his chin, but the birthday boy was a wonderful big brother and didn't complain at all about the detour to Urgent Care! We finally made it home for the presents from Mom and Dad, the star of which was a new bike with training wheels. It was quite the celebration for a 4 year old:)

Chase is about to start his third season of soccer. He is learning to read, and goes to preschool twice a week. He is always singing and dancing and telling stories. He has an impressive vocabulary of words that seem too large for a 4 year old. He has given a talk in Primary and born his testimony all by himself in Sacrament meeting, and he loves to do acts of service for his family around the house. Chase is a big helper to his parents and a great big brother to Taylor. I love to watch them play together. He finds joy in everything in life, no matter how small. I love his hugs and smiles so much, he is such a special little boy. I can't believe how fast he is growing up, and I'm so excited to watch him as he experiences life.